Bolivian Fascist Groups Firebomb Public Buildings

Violent far-right groups in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz committed a new round of arson attacks against numerous public buildings on Sunday night. The acts of terror were carried out in revenge for the arrest of 2019 coup leader, Fernando Camacho, last week.

The offices of the state bank, Banco Union, and the Departmental Command of the Police are among those firebombed during the night by fascist groups such as the Union Juvenil Cruceñista (UJC), loyal to Camacho.

Interior Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, reported that “irregular groups attacked democracy, the police, and public institutions, using Molotov cocktails”. He added that two officers were injured during the attack. 

22 people have been imprisoned for various acts of violence in Santa Cruz since the December 28th arrest.

Charges against those detained include; criminal association, public incitement to commit a crime, arson, and aggravated robbery. 

The Bolivian government says that it will defend democracy against far-right groups that seek another coup. The Interior Minister said on his official social media that; “Bolivian Police will continue to carry out their work in accordance with the constitution, to defend democracy against these radical groups that seek to sow death and pain among the people of Bolivia and Santa Cruz.”

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