Evo Morales will stand for the presidency, Luis Arce expelled

The congress of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS-IPSP) has voted to present Evo Morales as its candidate for the presidency at the 2025 elections and has also voted to expel current President Luis Arce from the MAS, signifying the party’s formal split with the government.

At the national party congress today in Lauca Ñ, Cochabamba, the plenum voted to approve two resolutions of the political commission, the first of which reads:

1.- Ratify Evo Morales as president of the MAS-IPSP.

2.- Declare Evo Morales Ayma as the sole candidate of the MAS-IPSP for the Bicentennial elections 2025 – 2030.

3.- That in the 2025 elections, no alliance be made with other political parties.

4.- In compliance with the current statutes, all candidates for other positions must be members with at least 10 years of seniority.

5.- Instances of betrayal be sent to the disciplinary committee to consider their expulsion from the political party.

6.- Declare maximum alert and state of emergency to avoid the banning of the MAS-IPSP and protect the candidacy of Evo Morales for the national elections.

The second resolution, with regard to Luis Arce’s expulsion reads as follows:

  1. Ratify the legal and legitimate consensual support for brother Evo Morales, as president of the national leadership of the MAS-IPSP
  2. Brother Commander Evo Morales Ayma is confirmed and declared by consensus as the only candidate for the bicentennial
  3. While the process of requesting and registering these results within a duly reasonable period, the new board must convene the next congresses; Organic congress to review the statutes, Political congress, Congress to discuss the bicentennial agenda
  4. The corresponding disciplinary and ethics court is instructed to initiate legal actions for expulsion from the MAS-IPSP, against elected authorities who were denounced during the development of this commission, among them deputies, senators, and other authorities for betrayal of the political instrument MAS IPSP, expulsion of the representative, Deysi Choque, expulsion of the councilor Leydi Guzmán Arispe, expulsion of the departmental assembly member Raquel Valencia Aspeti, expulsion of the substitute deputy Samuel Mamani Sánchez, expulsion of the departmental assembly member Jorge Antonio Isnado, expulsion of the national representative of Oruro Mirian Martines, expulsion of the Oruro deputy, Juan José Jauregui, expulsion of other brothers and sisters who betrayed the ideological principles of the MAS-IPSP, expulsion of the deputy Rolando Cuellar, and expulsion of a further 20 names
  5. We urge and demand that the constitutional court express itself as soon as possible regarding the unconstitutional appeals filed against the MAS-IPSP
  6. We repudiate any attempt to ban the MAS-IPSP
  7. We repudiate the acts of violence at the CSUTCB congress in the city of El Alto.
  8. The corresponding instances and channels must be respected regarding their delegates and election of candidates
  9. The self-expulsion of Luis Arce Catacora and David Choquehuanca for not attending the MAS-IPSP congress is acknowledged
  10. The reading of the protocol on depatriarchalization is available for consideration by the plenary session, by the congress.

By Kawsachun News

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