Laureano Ortega: “Nicaragua isn’t neutral, Nicaragua is with Russia”

Laureano Ortega Murillo, special envoy of the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, for the development of relations with Russia, reiterated this Sunday his country’s support for Russia in the current geopolitical context.

During his speech at the Russia-Latin America parliamentary forum , which is being held these days in Moscow, Ortega Murillo made reference to the words of one of the speakers, who appreciated the neutrality of the countries of the region “with respect to some positions.” about Russia. “We can assure you, brothers, that Nicaragua is not neutral, Nicaragua is with Russia, because it is the right thing to do, it is the fair thing,” remarked the Nicaraguan official.

Along these lines, the special envoy also ratified “the historic brotherhood” between Russia and Nicaragua, emphasizing that Managua considers Moscow as a “fundamental pillar” to promote multilateralism and mutually beneficial cooperation in the context of the new world order that is emerging.

Nicaragua as a bridge for Russia in Latin America

Ortega Murillo, who holds the position of advisor for Investments, Trade and International Cooperation of the Nicaraguan Presidency, pointed out that now both countries are joining forces to expand the partnership. Likewise, he stressed that the Central American nation can serve as a bridge to expand Russia’s commercial presence in the region.

“We are proud to cooperate with the Russian Federation, to have this relationship of brotherhood and fraternity. We want to reiterate that Nicaragua must be considered by Russia as a regional platform to be able to promote the participation of Russia, its companies, and its trade for the entire region,” he indicated.

Mutual cooperation against illegal sanctions

Ortega Murillo mentioned the Instituto Méchniko vaccine production plant , located in Managua and with capacity for up to 30 million flu doses per season, which he described as a “flagship project.” Among other examples, President Daniel Ortega’s special envoy cited the supply of Russian buses and wheat.

“We are working for the supply of fertilizers, the supply of petroleum products and working to also facilitate banking and financial cooperation mechanisms that allow us to confront the illegal sanctions of the US and its European allies,” he highlighted.

On the other hand, Ortega Murillo emphasized the bilateral cooperation of Russia and Nicaragua in the field of information, particularly with RT in Spanish and the Sputnik news agency. This, according to the advisor to the Nicaraguan president, serves to confront “the campaigns of lies and misinformation against our people and governments.”

With information from Viva Nicaragua

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