Nicaragua receives support in São Paulo Forum deliberations

The XXVI Plenary Session of the São Paulo Forum closed by adopting important resolutions that strengthen the work of the Left, Progressive and Revolutionary Governments and Parties of Latin America and the Caribbean. The meeting took place from June 29 to July 2, 2023 in Brasilia, Brazil.

The government of Nicaragua and the FSLN represented by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada and Brenda Rocha, Alma Nubia Baltodano, Wilfredo Navarro, Gadiel Arce Zepeda and Orlando Tardencilla, conveyed to the delegations the greetings of President Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo in collective debates and bilateral meetings held during the Event.

In the meetings and plenary sessions, the different delegations and international guests (USA, Europe, Russia, China, Vietnam and African countries), expressed appreciation and respect for Nicaragua and its government, which translated into a show of support and solidarity before the attacks on the people of Nicaragua and the rejection of the campaign of disinformation and fake news against its government and leaders.

In the Forum’s deliberations, agreements, declarations, and resolutions, Nicaragua received unanimous support on the following topics:

1. Rejection and condemnation of the policy of sanctions and coercive and unilateral measures against Nicaragua; 2. Strong support for Nicaragua’s claim for the execution of the judgment of the Hague court for the damages caused to the Sandinista Revolution by the United States Government; 3. A resolution was adopted that recognizes the achievements of Nicaragua in matters of gender and family equity; 4. Homage was paid to the Sandinista leader and founder of the São Paulo Forum, Jacinto Suarez, and 5. In the action plan, July 19 and the 44th anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution were established as one of the official activities and dates of the year.

With information from Diario Barricada

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