Bolivia Builds State-Owned Biofuel Plant 

Bolivia’s President Luis Arce announced on Monday the beginning of construction for a new biofuel plant in the city of El Alto. The fuel will be produced using recycled vegetable oil and other natural oils. The plant will be called ‘Heroes of Senkata’, in reference to those who lost their lives while fighting against the 2019 coup. 

“With an investment of 278.4 million Bs., we begin construction on the “Heroes of Senkata” Biodiesel Plant II project in the 8th District of El Alto, as a tribute to your fight in defense of our natural resources and democracy. Congratulations sisters and brothers of El Alto on your 38th anniversary!” said President Arce, at the official ceremony to celebrate the anniversary of the city. 

The state-owned gas company, YPFB, will build and operate the plant. It’s expected that it will take approximately one year to complete and will create 500 jobs within the plant, and another 860 jobs indirectly as a result of this investment in the area. 

Its raw material will be recycled vegetable and other natural oils brought from the north of La Paz, with an estimated production of 1,500 barrels per day of biofuel. The aim is to reduce the use of environmentally damaging fossil fuels.

Other investments in green energy by Luis Arce’s government include the project to industrialize the country’s lithium supplies, as well as the construction of wind farms in the Department of Santa Cruz. 

By Kawsachun News

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