Bolivia Celebrates Anniversary of Plurinational State

Today, Bolivians celebrate the 14th anniversary of the founding of the Plurinational State. This was achieved with the approval of the new constitution in 2009, a victory of the social movements that overthrew the neocolonial republic and neoliberal order. 

President Luis Arce Catacora will preside over the official ceremony today. After a presidential message to the nation, the country’s workers unions and indigenous social movements will hold a parade in the capital city, La Paz, followed by a music festival organized by the Ministry of Culture that will showcase the best of Bolivia’s traditional and folkloric music and dance.

Bolivia has two founding dates: August 6th which marks independence from Spain and the creation of the independent Republic by Simón Bolívar. The second is today, January 2nd, which marks the new Plurinational State, created by the government of Evo Morales, and now continued under President Luis Arce.

The first line of the new constitution states that “Bolivia is constituted as a Unitary Social State of Plurinational Communitarian Law that is free, independent, sovereign, democratic, intercultural, decentralized and with autonomies. Bolivia is founded on plurality and on political, economic, juridical, cultural, and linguistic pluralism”. 

Other important aspects of the new constitution are; the inclusion and recognition of the 36 indigenous nations in Bolivia’s territory, and the stipulation that natural resources belong to the Bolivian people and therefore cannot be privatized.

Right-wing opposition groups in Bolivia have always opposed the creation of the plurinational state and still seek to re-establish the neocolonial republic. During the coup regime of Jeanine Añez, this date was not recognized as a public holiday.

By Kawsachun News

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