Bolivia Expels Fascist Vox Politician 

Bolivian immigration authorities have ordered Spanish politician, Victor Gonzalez, of the fascist Vox party, to leave the country due to his interfering in Bolivia’s domestic affairs and disrupting public order. The far-right politician had traveled to Bolivia to express his support for jailed coup leader Fernando Camacho. 

Bolivia’s Vice-minister for external trade, Benjamin Blanco, said yesterday, “The letter of the United Nations specifies very clearly in its article 2.7 that no country is authorized to intervene in matters that are essentially within the internal jurisdiction of the States, in this sense from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We will make a formal claim to the Spanish government for the conduct of this congressman in our national territory.”

Leaders of the Indigenous ‘Ponchos Rojos’ Aymara federation also denounced the foreign congressman and set up a vigil around the Chonchocorro prison in La Paz where Camacho is being held. 

Ovidio Mamani, spokesman for the organization said, “Legislators from other countries have come here to Chonchocoro, asking for freedom and justice for a murderer (Camacho) who is the intellectual author of the 2019 coup (..) To these gentlemen from other countries who have come to ask for justice, where were you when our  brothers were being massacred?” 

VOX is neo-fascist party in Spain that believes in the reconquest of the Americas and celebrates the legacy of Christopher Columbus. The party seeks to expel Muslim immigrants from Spain and repel all laws against gender violence. They are also admirers of the ex-dictator Franco and within their leadership are holocaust denialists. The VOX maintains close ties with Bolivia’s former Añez regime, appearing press conferences together in 2019, they have also met with Juan Guaido and stated their support for his efforts to carry out a coup in Venezuela. 

By Kawsachun News

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