Brazil government stops arms sales to Peru

The government of Brazil has decided to stop the sale of lethal weapons to Peru until the political and social instability, ignited by the coup, ceases. The information, according to Brazil’s Metrópoles, was confirmed by Foreign Minister Mauro Vieira.

Vieria says he received a letter by PSOL lawmaker Fernanda Melchionna, who told Itamaraty and the Ministry of Defense that Peruvian security forces were using Brazilian ammunition to repress demonstrations against the overthrow of President Pedro Castillo.

“I took it to the president. We are not going to sell any more weapons to Peru. The weapons that are there were sold three years ago”, declared the Foreign Minister, during a hearing in the Chamber, on May 24. “Right now there is no request [from Peru for weapons]. This was done a while ago, and as long as the situation lasts, this export will not exist.”

The decision refers to the government of Peru. In the private sector, however, Peruvian companies also buy Brazilian weapons. The Ministry of Development, Industry, Commerce and Services informs that R$ 1.44 million in firearms and ammunition were exported to the country between January and April of this year. Last year, sales totaled R$ 6.5 million.

More than 50 Peruvians have been killed by security forces in protests against the coup which removed President Pedro Castillo from office in December.

With information from Metrópoles

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