ICC Throws Out Claim Against Evo Morales

The International Criminal Court (ICC) today rejected a petition, filed by the former Añez regime, to investigate Evo Morales and other union leaders, claiming that the general strike against the coup in August 2020 constituted ‘crimes against humanity’.

The US-backed Jeanine Añez dictatorship asked the ICC, in September 2020, to investigate the general strike claiming that it caused Covid deaths as the country was paralyzed by social movements calling for the return of democracy. The petition was specifically against Evo Morales (who was in Argentina), COB labor leader Juan Carlos Huarachi, and campesino leader Leonardo Loza.

ICC Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan said he would not open a formal investigation as the alleged acts were not within the jurisdiction of the court. This failed petition is one of the countless attempts to persecute Evo Morales using international bodies, all of which have failed. The coup regime had also requested that Interpol issue a red alert for his arrest. The absurd claim was also thrown out by Interpol.

By Kawsachun News

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