Colombia: Gustavo Petro Races Ahead

A new poll by the research institute CELAG shows that progressive candidate in Colombia’s presidential election this year. Gustavo Petro is not only leading the race but has opened up what appears to be an unassailable lead. 

The poll indicates that Petro is set for 44% of the vote in the first round, meanwhile, Alejandro Char of the right-wing Equip Por Colombia received just 17.9%. Coming in third, Sergio Fajardo of the Coalición Centro Esperanza received 11.4% of voter intention. 

The study also asked about wider social issues and found that 69% say the national strike and protests last April were justified. 68% of respondents said that persecution against social leaders is a serious problem. 

The poll was carried out in 50 locations across 23 departments, covering all 5 macro-regions; Bogotá, Central East, Antioquia, North/Caribbean and South West regions. The field work was carried out between January 13th and February 4th.

By Kawsachun News

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