CELAC: Bolivia Condemns Right-Wing Attacks Against Democracy

Bolivia’s President Luis Arce has called on the region to condemn the coup attempts that threaten Latin America in his speech at the VII Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in Buenos Aires.

“We request that this Latin American and Caribbean movement become a single voice to condemn, in the strongest and most energetic way, all these acts of violence, torture, terror, destruction of institutions, and destabilization, which threaten the countries of our region, their political systems and peaceful coexistence, and at the same time demand unrestricted respect for the popular will expressed through the vote,” said President Arce.

Citing examples of destabilization in the region, he said; “they attack democracy and its institutions, through violent acts, such as those that occurred in Brasilia and Bolivia in 2019, which ended with a coup d’état.”

He also mentioned the recent far-right riots in the city of Santa Cruz that followed the arrest of Fernando Camacho; “The peaceful mobilizations that we saw are not peaceful at all, they do not have the slightest respect for institutions that are at the service of the Bolivian people, or of the workers who are also citizens with the same rights as anyone else.”

Arce warned that these anti-democratic actions are carried out by oligarchic groups and right-wing political forces that seek to destabilize elected governments, “We cannot allow, as Latin American and Caribbean peoples, that they try to take by force what has not been won at the polls.” 

By Kawsachun News

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