Cuban Rum Masters’ Tradition Declared UNESCO Cultural Heritage

The knowledge of Cuban light rum masters has just been inscribed on UNESCO’s list of Intangible Heritage, a prestigious designation that recognizes a tradition dating back eight generations on the island.

The Knowledge of the Masters of Cuban Light Rum’ proposal was reviewed on Tuesday, during the 17th session of the Intergovernmental Committee for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage, held in Rabat, Morocco.

The decision was made in considering that the knowledge of the Masters of Light Rum “allows the transmission from generation to generation of scientific knowledge, traditional practices, cultural and social values, associated with the formation of the nation’s sugar agro-industrial heritage”.

The Cuban delegation was headed by Yahima Esquivel Moynelo, Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Cuba to UNESCO, and Sonia Virgen Pérez Mojena, President of the National Heritage Council of Cuba.

The member countries of the Committee agreed that the transmission of the knowledge of the Maestros Roneros is not limited to technological, scientific or sensory aspects, but also has a cultural and historical dimension associated with the emergence, rise and development of the Cuban nation, which are reflected in the blends.

During the Committee’s session, 56 candidacies were evaluated, highlighting the analysis of elements related to gastronomy, as is the case of the Cuban candidacy.

According to the President of the National Council of Cuban Heritage, “the Cuban State recognizes the patrimonial, cultural and social value of the element and its bearers, which is why in 2016 they were declared Cultural Heritage of the nation. In this way it initiated a program of safeguarding and protection that will guarantee the continuity of transmission from generation to generation.”

Under the new General Heritage Law, recently approved in Cuba, the registered elements have new protection measures, both on the part of the bearers, the State and the actors involved.

By Kawaschun News with information from the Cuban Foreign Ministry

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