Diaz-Canel: Under no circumstances, will I attend

Cuba’s voice will be heard at the 9th Summit of the Americas but “under no circumstances” will President Miguel Diaz-Canel be attending as Washington continues deploying emissaries to the Caribbean and Latin America in a last ditch attempt to bribe governments into participating.

The First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba took to social media amid speculation that the Biden administration might buckle to pressure and invite Cuba to the summit to appease Caribbean governments.

Diaz-Canel remarked on the host country’s frantic scramble around the region; “the United States has been engaged in intensive efforts and has exercised brutal pressures to demobilize the just and firm claims of the majority of the countries of the region demanding that the Summit should be inclusive.”

He went on to thank governments of the region for insisting that the summit be inclusive after it became known that the host country would be excluding Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela from the event to be held in Los Angeles.

The Cuban president has made it clear that it wont be persuaded by any of Biden’s desperate maneuvers: “I can assure you that, under no circumstances, will I attend. As it has happened often times in the past, the voice of Cuba will be heard at the Ninth Summit of the Americas.”

The State Department’s Brian Nichols spent the week visiting Jamaica, The Bahamas and Barbados, while Biden’s wife was sent to Ecuador, Panama and Costa Rica last week.

Meanwhile, Havana will host the XXI Summit of Heads of State and Government of ALBA-TCP, to be held Friday.

By Kawsachun News

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