Ecuador: Congress to Debate Lasso Impeachment

The Oversight Commission of the National Assembly of Ecuador will today debate the request for impeachment against neoliberal President Guillermo Lasso, for the crime of embezzlement.

Evidence will be presented in congress, then the commission will have a period of 10 days to prepare a report that recommends or rejects impeachment against the Ecuadorian president.

Last week the country’s Constitutional Court approved the opening of impeachment proceedings, a process then taken up by the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) who have now asked the Oversight Commission to suspend other processes and political trials in order to focus on this case against Guillermo Lasso.

On Sunday, President Guillermo Lasso denied the allegations and said that he will present his defense to the National Assembly if the impeachment trial goes ahead. 

Former presidential candidate, Andres Arauz, has labeled Lasso’s right-wing government as a ‘narco-banker government’, saying recently; “Why am I talking about a government of narco-bankers? Lasso’s narrative (during the elections) was that Ecuador was full of drug traffickers, it turns out that those who were full of drug traffickers were the financial institutions that he owned. The country has civil servants who, for the most part, are honest people; teachers, doctors, nurses, policemen, and soldiers. The problem is not the people. The problem is that we are led by a banker president linked to these organized mafias.”

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