Evo Morales Is Coordinating With Peru’s Social Movements

Evo Morales has been in Peru for the past two days holding meetings with the country’s principal social movements. As the President of the 6 Federations, Bolivia’s most important campesino union, Evo shared his experiences as a union leader and helped coordinate efforts to build a robust defense of Pedro Castillo’s government. 

“We reviewed the history of the campesino movement, the beginning of our struggles, and the anecdotes [of what] we experienced, such as the time I had to seek shelter in the offices of the Campesino Confederation of Peru. We agreed to organize an international meeting that defines peaceful strategies to defend the government of Pedro Castillo, and to promote a Plurinational America, which is by the people and for the people,” said Evo Morales following Thursday’s meeting with leaders of the Campesino Confederation of Peru-CCP, the National Agrarian Confederation, and the National Federation of Campesina Women.

He also met with the leadership of the CGTP, Peru’s largest labor union federation, and yesterday with the National Federation of Education Workers of Peru (FENATEPERU). 

Evo Morales is considered a political leader by social movements through the Americas and is cited as an example of how social movements can take political power and reorganize society for the benefit of campesinos and workers. As President of Bolivia’s ruling party, the MAS, and President of the 6 Federations, he is seeking to unite social movements in the region under the RUNASUR alliance that will be launched later this year. 

As expected, Evo’s arrival in Peru has generated anger among Lima’s elites. Jorge Montoya, a far-right congressman, and former Navy Admiral said on Wednesday, “I reject the presence of Evo Morales in our country and I question the government for allowing his interference in our politics, the only thing they achieve is more political crisis than what they have already sown.” 

Following the elections in Peru, Montoya joined marches by retired military officials which called for a coup to prevent Pedro Castillo from assuming the presidency. 

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