Fujimori’s Low Scores Cited as Evidence of Fraud

Peru’s far-right candidate Keiko Fujimori claimed on Monday that electoral fraud is underway, in response to being overtaken in the official vote count by leftist candidate Pedro Castillo. 

One example of an ‘irregularity’ that has been circulated is a photo showing the tally sheet of a voting table at which Pedro Castillo received 187 votes while Fujimori didn’t receive a single vote.

The table in question is in Cajamarca, the Andean region that is home to Pedro Castillo, exit polls show him receiving 70%. Notwithstanding that the table in question is just one, in voting centers with numerous tables, there’s plenty of reason to believe that Castillo could have benefited from solid support at many of the 1,525 voting tables in Cajamarca.

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