Evo: Fujimori is using the same narrative as Bolivia coup

Evo Morales has condemned Peru’s far-right candidate Keiko Fujimori for making unsubstantiated fraud allegations as leftist candidate Pedro Castillo has preserved his lead in the official vote count. With 97.3% of actas processed, the likelihood of a reversal has diminished.

“The same discourse of the racist, fascist and pro-coup: it denounces “fraud” without proof and attacks the democracy it claims to defend. Trump in the U.S., (Carlos) Mesa in Bolivia, and Fujimori in Peru repeat the same lie and ignore the people’s vote. The result should be respected.” 

During Bolivia’s 2019 election, opposition candidate Carlos Mesa declared that the election would go to a second round runoff between himself and vote leader Evo Morales, while votes were still being counted. Once Morales secured the necessary votes for a first round win, Mesa called for violent street protests which ended in the burning of vote counting centers in Potosí and Chuquisaca.

Violent protests continued, buoyed by a now-debunked report from the OAS, as did arson attacks on the homes of MAS leaders and government Ministers, creating an environment of chaos in order for the military to be able to step in and order Evo Morales to resign, ushering in a year of unelected rule under Senator Jeanine Añez once she declared herself President.

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