Mayor of Miami Calls For Airstrikes On Cuba

The Mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, has called for United States military intervention in Cuba, saying that airstrikes should be considered an option for imposing regime change. 

“What should be being contemplated right now is a coalition for potential military action in Cuba. Similar to what has happened in both administrations, both Republican and Democrat. Under the Republicans with Bush in Panama where they deposed Noriega”, said Mayor Francis Suarez in an interview with Fox News. 

“You had interventions by Democratic Presidents, you know, taking out Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan, it’s a sovereign country where they took out a terrorist. That saved thousands if not probably hundreds of thousands of lives and President Clinton in Kosovo, intervening in a humanitarian issue with airstrikes,” Suarez continued.

When asked if the Mayor was suggesting airstrikes on Cuba, he replied, “What I’m suggesting is that option is one that has to be explored and cannot be just simply discarded as an option that is not on the table. And there’s a variety of ways the military can do it but that’s something that needs to be discussed, it needs to be looked at as a potential option in addition to a variety of other options that can be discussed.”

Right-wing Cuban-Americans have been calling for U.S. intervention at rallies in Miami for days, shrugging at the potential human cost within Cuba. 

At a press conference today, Cuba’s Foreign Minister, Bruno Rodriguez, revealed that the digital war being waged from the United States on the island, aimed at giving a false image of support for opposition protests within Cuba. Rodriguez explained how the hashtag #SOSCuba was placed in Trending Topics “as a result of an inorganic action, from North American territory, with the support of trolls and digital outlets in Florida, using expensive tools.”

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