Nicaragua Deports 222 Traitors to the U.S.

Nicaragua has deported 222 convicts who had participated in acts against the nation, including during the failed coup attempt and terrorist violence of 2018.

In the Judicial Complex of Managua, capital of Nicaragua, early on February 9, a press conference was held to announce the deportation of 222 prisoners, convicted of treason.

There, a communiqué from the Court of Appeals, Managua, was read. “In accordance with articles (…) of Law 1055, Law for the Defense of the Rights of the People, Independence, Sovereignty and Self-Determination of Peace (…) the immediate and effective deportation of 222 persons is ordered.” “The persons have already been deported from the country, for which the respective official letters have been sent”, indicated the representative of the Nicaraguan Judiciary.

In addition, he said that “the deportees were declared traitors of the homeland and punished for different serious crimes and disqualified perpetually from exercising public functions in the name of the service of the State of Nicaragua, as well as positions of popular election, being that their citizenship rights are perpetually suspended.”

“At this time the deportees are already in the United States. Thus we consider the deportation sentence to have been complied with,” he concluded.

By Kawsachun News

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