Peru Withdraws Ambassador from Colombia 

The coup regime in Peru, led by Dina Boluarte, has ordered the “definitive withdrawal” of the country’s ambassador to Colombia, Félix Ricardo Americo Antonio Denegri Boza. The decision was made in response to President Gustavo Petro criticizing the human rights abuses committed in Peru following the coup against Pedro Castillo.

This follows a vote in Congress, last month, that declared Gustavo Petro as ‘persona non grata’ over his comments criticizing the coup. The congressional resolutions recommended to the Executive, through the Ministry of the Interior and the Foreign Ministry, that “according to its powers, it carry out the necessary actions so that Gustavo Petro does not enter the national territory”. A similar resolution was emitted against Evo Morales for the same reason. 

Petro’s comments at the recent XXVIII Ibero-American Summit are what Peru’s regime says is the reason behind this drastic move. During his speech, Petro lamented the fact that Pedro Castillo was not present despite being the elected President, he said that Castillo “Should be here today, they took him out. He’s imprisoned”. 

The Peruvian regime has burned relations with numerous Latin American countries with whom they’ve long had good relations. They already withdrew their Ambassador to Mexico after President AMLO offered asylum to Pedro Castillo’s wife and children, who were being persecuted by the Boluarte dictatorship. They have threatened to do the same in Bolivia and Argentina, whose governments do not recognize the unelected Bolaurte regime as legitimate. 

The coup regime’s use of excessive force against anti-coup protests and strikes has resulted in over 60 deaths since December. The regime is also deeply unpopular, with a 77% disapproval rating among Peruvians.

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