77% of Peruvians Disapprove of Coup Regime

The disapproval rating of Peru’s unelected President, Dina Boluarte, has risen to 77%, while the disapproval rating of the congress rose to 90%, according to a new poll by the Institute of Peruvian Studies (IEP). 

The study was carried out between February 18th and 22nd. The figures for Boluarte’s right-wing coup regime fall even lower in the Andean south of the country, where 86% say they reject her government and say she should resign. Meanwhile, Congress, which carried out the coup against Pedro Castillo, has an approval rating of just 6% in the same region, and a disapproval rating of 95%.

The poll also shows that a large majority, 69%, believe that there should be general elections this year, not in 2024.

On the issue of a new constitution, a key demand among anti-coup protesters, 47% are in favor of making changes to the constitution. 36% said it should be replaced completely and 83% of respondents want at least some change to the Fujimori-era neoliberal constitution.

The coup regime’s use of excessive force against anti-coup protests and strikes has resulted in 59 deaths, according to the ombudsman’s office, while the unelected President refuses to resign. Peru recently withdrew its ambassador from Mexico after the government provided asylum to Pedro Castillo’s family. They have also attacked the governments of Bolivia, Colombia, and Argentina for having criticized the human rights abuses in Peru.

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By Kawsachun News

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