Timochenko: Stop Fascism with Unified Mass Action

Colombian peace signatory, former Commander of the FARC-EP, now President of COMUNES party, Rodrigo Londoño, known as Timochenko, has released a statement urging the creation of a common agenda and unified action by the masses against the far-right, represented by the government of Ivan Duque and Alvaro Uribe. Londoño cautions against division, sectarianism and personal aspirations in the struggle for popular triumph in Colombia. The following is a translation of Londoño’s statements on May 11, 2021, on the 14th day of national strike mobilizations.

The National Strike makes the government and the far-right in our country desperate. In reality, they are reaping what they sowed since the beginning of this government, when they decidedly chose to privilege the wealthiest sector of Colombian society with their actions, adding a hostile attitude against the implementation of the Peace Accords.

The youth of the Colombian cities and rural areas, accompanied by the communities that reject Uribe’s policies of dispossession and repression, have massively taken to the streets and squares to demand a change in the course of the country. A gigantic popular movement has been challenging the government of Iván Duque for more than a week. It does so in a peaceful, civic, festive way, in a clear demonstration that it is against the war and violence promoted by the national government.

The opportunity that opens up to the children of Colombia is unique. Definitively consolidate what was agreed in Havana, cement peace based on the participation of the majority in the most important public decisions. For this, the construction of a common agenda by those of us who aspire to a better country is urgent. Nothing can do more harm to the Colombian nation than division, sectarianism, obstruction or personal aspiration.

If the massive mobilization demonstrates anything, it is that there are more things that unite the Colombian people than those that separate them. It is therefore time to retake all common causes, whose starting point is the defense of peace with social justice for Colombia, against those who wish to unleash war, generalize repressive brutality and consolidate the dictatorship. It is urgent to specify the effective scope of the current protest and lay the foundations for an overwhelming victory.

We have the duty to portray the massive indignation in a common agenda, far from protagonism and adventures. The defense of peace, of the right to free expression of thought and protest, the radical condemnation of bloodthirsty violence, especially if it comes from the institutions and authorities whose task is to comply with the laws and not their violation. Let’s think about drawing unitary actions aimed at popular victory in 2022.

We can elect a very different parliament and government. We cannot allow this real possibility to be denied by a fascist maneuver, which under the pretext of vandalism and blockades seeks to implement forceful solutions or a transitory regime to suspend the elections. Agent provocateurs are promoting this desperate option, and we must oppose it with a massive and peaceful popular firmness. The first priority is peace and democracy.

Uribismo is working to prevent the democratic option for change. It aspires to take full advantage of the current situation in that sense. Those of us who are in favor of a more just, democratic and peaceful homeland, with respect for different thinking, must unite as never before. The moment demands greatness from all of us. It is time to meet in a constructive and serene spirit, to draw a road map on a united basis and organized mobilization.

Let us stop fascism with united mass action!

Duque, stop the slaughter!

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