State-Owned PowerChina to Support Energy in Nicaragua

A delegation from the state-owned company China PowerChina paid a visit to Nicaragua this week to work towards new investments and a greater presence of Chinese companies in the country.

Speaking at a Thursday evening meeting with PowerChina heads, President Daniel Ortega said that the company had been in Nicaragua for several days to discuss a large solar energy project, which provides security, stability, self-sufficiency. President Ortega pointed out that Nicaragua has sufficient resources for generating energy from a hydroelectric source.

Counselor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Nicaragua, Yu Bo, also took part in the meeting, saying, “We are going to strengthen coordination with Nicaragua in multilateral affairs to jointly defend true multilateralism, safeguard world peace, equity and International Justice, in order to promote the construction of a new type of international relations. and a community of shared destiny for humanity”.

“Promoting work in any form, promoting work, security, dialogue and peace, China supports the efforts of the Government of National Unity and Reconciliation to improve the living standards of its people and fight against poverty. We are willing to collaborate with the Nicaraguan side to promote cooperation within the framework of the Belt and Road Initiative, and the Global Development Initiative,” stated the Chinese diplomat.

Bo emphasized that, “colleagues from different ministries in China are in daily contact with their counterparts, led by Comrade Laureano, by Comrade Iván Acosta and other comrades, to reach agreements on a series of cooperation agreements, including topics such as trade facilitation, important Infrastructure projects, financing, education, etc”.

“The reason for this meeting today is precisely to deepen these important issues. We hope to see in the near future, more investments and a greater presence of Chinese companies in the country, to strengthen our economic and commercial ties, always benefiting both peoples”.

President for the Americas of PowerChina, Hou Xiaotun, informed that PowerChina is currently working in more than 20 countries in the Americas, offering services, from planning and design, engineering, to execution and operation for governments and private sectors. It currently has more than 60 projects underway in the Americas.

To date, PowerChina has completed more than 4 gigawatts of hydro, and more than 3 gigawatts of wind in the Americas, and also has 2 gigawatts of renewable energy projects running in the Americas. Xiaotun stated that of the approximately 10,000 employees which the company has in the Americas, more than 9,000 of them are locals.

A transcript of the broadcasted part of the meeting can be read here.

By Kawsachun News

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