Bolivia Won’t See Rise in Fuel Prices

The cost and supply of gasoline and diesel in Bolivia’s national market will remain the same despite the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Bolivia’s state oil and gas company, YPFB, announced Monday that fuel prices will be maintained by the state, with the price of gasoline at Bs 3.74 per liter (about 55 cents USD) and diesel at Bs 3.72 per liter (about 54 cents).

Executive President of YPFB, Armin Dorgathen, said that the stability provides peace of mind for public and private transport, as well as for the industrial and domestic sectors. In addition, it guarantees the transport of agricultural products from the countryside at current costs.

The state oil company has been working on the Fuel Import Substitution Plan that contemplates a set of different strategies to maintain economic stability.

“How do we do this? Through biodiesel, through the production of national crude oil, through the importation of crude oil. There are several strategies we are working on, but always ensuring stability for the population,” said the YPFB head.

By Kawsachun News with information from ABI

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