No Amnesty for Coup Criminals: Bolivian Minister 

Bolivia’s Minister of the Presidency, María Nela Prada, has ruled out the possibility of an amnesty for those currently in jail for their role in the US-backed coup of 2019. Far-right leaders have threatened the country with mobilizations if no amnesty is given.

“I state clearly and firmly that there will be no amnesty, that there will be no impunity (..) There are no political prisoners, and that has to be made clear; Those who have committed crimes have to face justice” Prada said at a press conference. 

The leader of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee, Rómulo Calvo, said on Wednesday that President Luis Arce has until February 25th to decree amnesties for all of the far-right actors who are currently in pre-trial detention. This includes the ex-governor of Santa Cruz Fernando Camacho, who is being prosecuted for his participation in the 2019 coup, in addition to bribery and corruption charges, and members of para-state groups.

Calvo also threatened President Arce with a recall referendum if the amnesties aren’t granted, though he would need to collect a certain number of signatures on a petition for such a referendum to be held. Right-wing groups in Santa Cruz carried out a similar action against Evo Morales in 2008, however, it backfired when Morales won the referendum by 67%, a move that significantly strengthened his government.  

Prada ended her press conference yesterday with a message to the Civic Committee: 

“I want to remind you that we do not live in times of slavery, we do not have owners or masters. We have a united and organized people that are ready to defend democracy and defend the victories of the people that have cost mourning and pain for many Bolivian families.”

By Kawsachun News
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