Poll: President Daniel Ortega’s government sees 79% approval

78.9% of Nicaraguans approve of the government of President Daniel Ortega according to the findings of the most recent survey carried out by M&R Consultores.

78.9% of those surveyed consider the government of President Daniel Ortega to be that of a democratic ruler, attached to the laws of the country.

“President Daniel Ortega seeks unity and reconciliation, among Nicaraguans, 78.2% of those surveyed consider that this is it, that no one is discriminated against for any reason,” said Raúl Obregón, executive president of M&R Consultores.

82.8% of respondents said that the government of President Ortega works for the interests of the general population. 78.6% said that the country is heading in the right direction. The survey, for the second quarter of 2023, was carried out nationally in all 15 departments and in the two regions of the Caribbean, between June 24 and July 4.

The Interoceanic Canal project

83.3% of respondents believe that a project like the Interoceanic Canal would represent benefits for Nicaragua.

82% of those surveyed are optimistic about the possibility of carrying out this project; meanwhile, 83.7% support any measure, action and management carried out by the government, in search of making the Interoceanic Canal project work.

The issue of democracy

Regarding the issue of democracy, in Nicaragua, 56% of those interviewed said that democracy as a system should contribute to living in peace.

94.5% of respondents agree that in a democracy, the constitutional order must be respected. Meanwhile, 94.3% said that all citizens have the right to demonstrate publicly, as long as they do not incite violence or chaos. 93.8% said that it is the citizen making use of his vote, who decides, who governs and when a country governs; 93.8% consider that it is a right and a duty to choose and be elected. 93.7% consider that freedom of expression must be guaranteed, as long as the dignity of people is respected.

The M&R Consultores survey indicates that 93.5% of the population believes that coups and the violence generated are not acceptable. 93% of those interviewed responded that no one can, without assuming responsibilities and consequences, violate the rights of others. 89% of respondents said that the right of citizens to property is respected in Nicaragua and 88.7% said that the right of citizens to move within the national territory and abroad is respected.

88.6% of those surveyed said that freedom of religion is respected, while 87.7% assured that the duty and rights of citizens to elect the authorities of the country by vote are respected.

87.5% said that business freedom is respected; 87.1% maintain that the human rights of the population in this country are respected; 86% consider that the right of citizens to express themselves freely is respected; 85.3% expressed that the freedom of expression of the media is respected.

Work of the National Police

Raúl Obregón stated that 80.7% of those surveyed rate the work carried out by the National Police against organized crime and drug trafficking as good or very good.

78.3% of people interviewed affirm that the National Police does a good job in regulating and ordering traffic; 76% said that the police respect for human rights. “In general, 76.2% rate the work carried out by the institution in charge of Security as positive,” Obregón highlighted.

84.9% of those interviewed said that the future in general for the country in the next five years is encouraging.

By Kawsachun News with information from El 19 Digital

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