President Maduro: ‘Lula’s victory is a great anti-fascist triumph’

Venezuela’s Head of State offered congratulations to recently elected Lula da Silva in Brazil, at the top of the São Paulo Forum expanded working group meeting, held at the Miraflores Palace in Caracas on Friday.

President Nicolás Maduro attributed the great victory to the “immense popular workers’ movement, the Workers’ Party and the immense coalition for democracy, headed by Lula Da Silva”. The President also congratulated Executive Secretary of the São Paulo Forum, Monica Valente, for the electoral victory over fascism.

Below is a transcription of part of the President’s remarks.

“I want to congratulate Monica, the Workers’ Party and our comrade Lula Da Silva, Luiz Inácio Lula Da Silva for the great electoral victory of the Brazilian people, great victory of Brazil against fascism. I spoke with Lula on Monday, immediately after the victory, and I told him that it was a heroic victory. It’s not easy to beat fascism.

The phenomenon of fascism that runs through the world today, the far-right that triumphs here, that triumphs there, that advances here, that advances there. We have defeated the far-right several times in the battles we have fought in Venezuela over the last 23 years. We have defeated several times the neo-fascist, fascist, extremist ultra-right wing current that have inoculated hatred of poison, of pressuring hatred, what they have inoculated and they know how to do it very well.

Recently, Macri commented on the German ‘master race’ and I was telling some Argentine friends yesterday that his comments were no mistake: It was a political gamble he was making to attract voters from the fascist far-right to his ranks. To throw them a carantoña, you can say, it’s understood in Latin America with a carantoña, to throw a hook to the neo-Nazi fascist far-right that is with Milei in Argentina and that has connected with the emotions and hatred of part of the Argentine society.

And Macri then wiggles out of the subject, saying sorry if he offended – but he already did it, he already did it, he launched a Nazi message, he already connected with whoever he had intended to.

That is why the triumph of the immense Brazilian popular movement of the Workers’ Party and the immense coalition for Democracy headed by Lula da Silva, has been a great triumph of democracy, of truth, of justice and of the right to fight for the equality of the peoples. It’s been a great anti-fascist triumph for all of Latin America and the Caribbean. The triumph of the great democratic coalition of President Lula.”

By Kawsachun News

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