Solidarity with Peruvians from President Daniel Ortega

President of Nicaragua Daniel Ortega expressed solidarity with the people of Peru and Pedro Castillo amid the working class uprising across Peru that has been met by brutal repression, carried out by the US-backed Dina Boluarte regime. Below is a transcription of the President’s remarks made at an event on Tuesday night.

A brother people, Peru, there they have sown terror, death, simply because the people decided to elect a President of peasant origin, a teacher of peasant origin, who wears a small sombrero, a small sombrero is what Pedro wears. A humble man was elected!

Then the Congress began to look for ways to overthrow him, and he tried to seek agreements, even doing away with comrades from the movement, from the party that had brought him to the presidency, because Congress was ordering them to be fired.

That is simply class hatred, they refuse to see a peasant, a worker, a humble teacher occupying the presidency. For them that is unacceptable and they began to make war and war and war, until they carried out a coup. President Pedro Castillo, a rural teacher from the countryside, you may have seen his photo, he is a ordinary, humble person, they have him in jail. They have him in jail!

But the People have risen up and have been fighting every day, the peasants, the workers, the teachers, all fighting. More than 60 people have already been murdered in the streets, and what do the Yankees say? What do the Europeans say? Nothing, as if nothing is happening, there is no condemnation of the crimes being committed against these people, there is no condemnation! There are no human rights groups that speak in favor of that People that are being assassinated.

But in spite of the bullets raining down on them, they continue to fight and are demanding the disappearance of the Congress, because it was the Congress that carried out the coup, together with the military, against President Pedro Castillo, the legitimate President of the sister Republic of Peru.

And from Nicaragua we express our Solidarity to the Peruvian People who are defending his return to the Presidency, because he was elected, and the Congress decided to remove him from office with the complicity of the military, and that is why they managed to put him in prison. He is in prison there.

So, our solidarity with the Peruvian People, our solidarity with the legitimate President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, and from this Latin America and the Caribbean that today seeks more and more understanding, more rapprochement, more unity, we cry out:

Freedom for Pedro Castillo!
Presidency for Pedro Castillo!
Long Live the Unity of the Peruvian People!

By Kawsachun News

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