Colombia’s Movements to Deepen Struggle with National Popular Assembly

Colombia’s social movements are determined to further and refine the character of the current uprising and are taking initial steps

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Colombian Senators to U.S. Congress: Stop Funding Massacres

Two Colombian Senators are in Washington today to make a plea to U.S. authorities to stop providing funding and resources

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‘Colombia Is A Narco-State’: Interview

Kawsachun News spoke to Tatiana Moreno of the Colombian social movement Congreso de los Pueblos after two weeks of mobilzations.

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Colombia: 12 Wounded in Shooting Targeting Indigenous Minga

Twelve members of an indigenous Minga were injured, at least four with serious bullet wounds, after being shot by armed

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FANB Engages in Bloody Combat at Colombian Border

Weekend combat in Apure state at Venezuela’s western border with Colombia has resulted in casualties of members of Colombian paramilitary

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Venezuela Solicits UN Technical Support to Clear Border Landmines

The Bolivarian government of Venezuela has formally requested the support of the United Nations to remove anti-personnel landmines installed by

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