Left Wins Ecuador Elections Round One – Lauca Ñ Live

We speak with Kichwa activist Sacha Rosero Lema in Otavalo, Ecuador on the presidential election which was held on Sunday, February

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Yaku Pérez: Fake Progressive

“It’s easy to be swept away by some of the language used by Yaku Pérez because it does sound progressive

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The Misguided Critiques of ‘Extractivism’ Under the Citizen’s Revolution of Rafael Correa.

The misguided critiques of ‘extractivism’ under the Revolución Ciudadana of Rafael Correa in Ecuador.

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Andrés Arauz in Bolivia

Ecuadorian Presidential candidate Andrés Arauz came to Bolivia for Evo Morales’ welcome home rally on November 11th 2020, in Chimoré.

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Ecuador Presidential Elections 2021 – Lauca Ñ Live

Ecuador is holding presidential elections on February 7th as President Lenin Moreno ends his term with extraordinarily low public support,

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