President Daniel Ortega challenges Petro to shutdown U.S. military bases

Below is a transcript of the remarks of President Daniel Ortega at the National Police parade: “Don’t Trifle With Peace”

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Stephen Sefton & Camila Escalante on Boric’s new progressive bloc

Progressive political figures with an orientation more favorable to Washington are forming a new alliance of South American parties and

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Undefeated Revolutions and the Peculiar Character of Gabriel Boric

On Latin America Review, Kawsachun News spoke to Francisco Dominguez, a researcher at the Middlesex University and the secretary of

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Boric Apologizes to Israel for Ambassador Row

President Gabriel Boric has said that the Israeli ambassador in Chile, Gil Artzyeli, will receive diplomatic credentials and that “the

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Interview: Boric Presidente, Now What?

Gabriel Boric was sworn in as President of Chile on Friday. We spoke to Bruno Sommer, Editor of El Ciudadano,

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Interview: What Can We Expect From Boric?

We spoke to Bruno Sommer, founder of El Ciudadano, one of Chile’s leading progressive media outlets. We discussed what Chile

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