US Rep. Demands Sanctions On Mexican Lawmakers

Democratic Party congressman for Texas, Vicente Gonzalez, has called on the Biden administration to impose sanctions on 25 Mexican lawmakers and ban them from entering the United States over their membership in the cross-party Mexico-Russia Friendship Committee. His criticisms also extend to the whole Mexican government.

In a letter to Antony Blinken, the congressman said, “It’s disgraceful enough that Mexico – our closest neighbor to the south – has chosen not to stand in unity with the international community of democracies. They have instead refused to send any aid to Ukraine or impose sanctions on Russia.” 

Gonzalez then laid out his demands about punishing the member of the friendship committee; “I call upon you to stand with Ukraine and condemn this ‘friendship committee’ by issuing visa revocations for all Mexican members of Congress that have participated in this deplorable assembly.” 

The committee includes members of Morena, PRI and PT – members of Mexico’s ruling party and of the largest opposition party. 

Mexico in the crosshairs

Mexico has been the target of increasing attacks from the US and the EU in recent months over the electrical reform that will see the country exert greater sovereignty over its energy policy. 

Mexican journalist José Luis Granados Ceja explained the core issue in a recent interview with Kawsachun News

“One problem is that Europe continues treating us as a colony. Their aim is total control of our natural resources for European capital, specifically Spanish capital in this case. Mexico is in the process of transforming and taking back control of its natural resources and having greater control so as to meet our own needs. Of course, Mexico will still sell to the international market, but what will change is that those who control it will be state company PEMEX and the Federal Electricity Commission. Spanish corporations were brought in to do this by the last government with contracts that benefited the corporations but hurt Mexico. AMLO’s policy of rebuilding PEMEX and the Federal Electricity Commission has affected the interests of European capital and that’s what drawn this interventionism against Mexico.”

By Kawsachun News

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