Bolivia coup leader brings Yaku Pérez to bash the MAS

Guillermo Lasso ally Yaku Pérez is in Bolivia to bash the Movement Towards Socialism and its indigenous and popular movement bases at the invitation of coup leader Carlos Mesa.

Yaku, an Ecuadorian politician who changed his name from Carlos Ranulfo, has built a career off of anti-communist views and slamming socialist leaders for the benefit of neoliberal politicians.

He backed Ecuadorian banker Guillermo Lasso in the 2017 presidential elections and took an ‘anyone but the Citizens’ Revolution’ position in the 2021 election, where as candidate, he campaigned for the indigenous movement to vote against leftist candidate Andrés Arauz, to the benefit of US-backed Lasso, who won the election. Several organizations in Ecuador denounced that a pact had been made with Lasso and the Ecuadorian right to divide the vote.

The invitation for an event to be held on Friday, April 29 can be seen on the Facebook profile of Toribia Lero Quispe, a lawmaker of Carlos Mesa’s Comunidad Ciudadana party.

Likewise, Yaku Perez participated in a seminar held at the UPEA in the city of El Alto together with the columnist for pro-coup outlet Pagina 7, Guido Alejo Mamani. Earlier today, Yaku made statements before the media in Plaza Murillo in La Paz voicing his opposition to the the MAS-IPSP government which he considers to be an “extractivist government” saying he doesn’t agree with what the calls the “progressive leftist governments” of the region.

Positions stated during his presidential run indicated that he detests nationalization of resources to fund social programs and opposes the economic models promoted by the Latin American left. Meanwhile, he’s maintained close ties to business interests and a friendly relationship with the U.S. embassy in Quito.

By Kawsachun News

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