Bolivia Guarantees Supply of Gas for Argentina

Argentina has secured a supply of gas from Bolivia and the two countries have decided to sign an agreement for the development of lithium in the region.

In his first official visit to Argentina, President Luis Arce said that they would go beyond last year’s gas agreement:

“We want to make agreements on the issue of lithium and we want to coordinate not only with Argentina, through Alberto (Fernández), but also with other countries to be able to reach important agreements,” he emphasized.

Fernández received Arce at the Casa Rosada on Thursday for a bilateral meeting which focused on the negotiation of a supply of natural gas.

“We had to resolve some issues with Bolivia and I want to thank you for the effort so that Argentina can continue along the path of development, because energy is very important,” Fernández said during the press conference

Scope of the agreement

Regarding the agreements for the supply of gas from Bolivia, Fernández assured that the contract which was already in force “is maintained under the same conditions” and that Bolivia “assumed an additional commitment, which is that if there is an increase in gas production, Argentina will have priority to be able to access that incremental.”

Scientific and technological exchange on lithium

Bolivia’s Minister of Hydrocarbons and Energy and Argentina’s Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation signed a memorandum of understanding on Technical Cooperation in Evaporitic Resources and Lithium.

The objective of the agreement, valid for two years, is to coordinate efforts to promote the exchange and transfer of scientific and technological knowledge in evaporite resources and lithium.

A press release from a press release from Bolivia’s Ministry of Hydrocarbons and Energy states:

“The signed document opens the possibility of moving towards specific agreements for mutual benefit, which allow the objectives of each country to be achieved for the exploitation and industrialization of lithium, within the framework of the national regulations of each state.”

Respect for Peruvian democracy

The two presidents called for respect for democracy in Peru, given the multiple attempts to remove President Pedro Castillo.

At the joint press conference, President Arce said that he and Fernández have shared concerns for the region and said that the popular vote of the Peruvian people must be respected. 

President Fernández assured that concrete actions are being analyzed in the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) in support of the Peruvian democratic system.

“In truth, what’s happening in Peru is an issue that should draw the attention of the full Latin American community. As president pro tempore of CELAC, I made public my concern and request for the attention of all Latin American leaders for what is happening in Peru”, he said, adding that actions will be taken for CELAC to adopt a position to preserve the “institutionality” of Peru.

By Kawsachun News

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