BREAKING: Juan Guaidó flees to the United States

Venezuelan opposition figure Juan Guaido is headed for the United States, after claiming that he had traveled to Colombia “within the context of the summit convened by President Petro” to be held on Tuesday. Colombia’s Foreign Minister responded to the news, saying Guaido wasn’t invited by him to the event and doesn’t know his whereabouts.

The following statement was released by Migración Colombia just before 11pm local time.

In the afternoon, Migration Colombia took Mr. Juan Guaidó, a Venezuelan national who was in Bogotá irregularly, to the El Dorado airport with the intention of verifying his departure on a commercial airline to the United States, during the night. The ticket had already been purchased by him.

It is not true then that the national government has had a plane to transfer Mr. Guaidó to that country. Migration Colombia is vigilant that this trip occurs without any delay.

By Kawsachun News

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