Boluarte regime signs $770K lobby contract with U.S. PR firm

Peru’s coup regime has locked down a $40,000/month lobby contract with U.S. public relations firm Patriot Strategies, according to a agreement document published by AP reporter Josh Goodman.

The contract, dated April 10th, says “Patriot’s representation will encompass providing targeted communications, strategic planning, tactical execution, and public relations assistance on matters before the US Congress, the White House, academic institutions, NGO’s and think-tanks, the business community and the media. Patriot’s efforts will be in furtherance of the Peruvian State’s long-term interests and safeguarding the good image of Peru as an attractive partner for investment, tourism and constructive engagement for the benefit of the Peruvian People. Building on its previous engagement with the Embassy of Peru, Patriot will work with the Embassy of Peru to expand and implement a strategy..”

The agreement states that the PR firm will “submit a technical report to the Embassy of Peru” upon the conclusion of the contract term, which lasts fourteen months, effective as of April 10.

At $40,000 USD per month, the Peruvian government’s contract with Patriot totals $770,000 USD including “Administration and Implementation Support Costs”, charged in the amount of $15,000 USD per month to the Embassy of Peru.

Social movements and civil society organizations in Peru continue to draw attention to the illegitimacy of the Dina Boluarte administration, which since December 7, has carried out dozens of killings of protesters and civilians in general, and which has committed a long and growing list of human rights violations since the coup.

By Kawsachun News

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