Cruceñista Roadblock Leaves Motorcyclist with Severe Injuries

A 26 year old motorcyclist was left with several severe injuries in the face and thorax after driving into a chord strung up by participants of the pro-coup lockout on Monday, called by the Santa Cruz Civic Committee.

The thin chord was placed on Charcas Avenue and the Primer Anillo near the center of Santa Cruz at around 2pm when the victim, identified as Mariela V., drove into it. She did not see the chord which was reportedly hung around the height of her neck.

Video shared many times on social media shows the aftermath and passers-by stopping trying to help the woman who appears to be bleeding from the head.

She was taken by an Udem ambulance to the Mauren Clinic, on Melchor Pinto Avenue, and a medical examination determined that she was left with moderate cranial brain trauma, closed chest trauma, severe facial trauma, probable shoulder fracture and trauma in the mandibular region. An official medical report is still awaited.

The right-wing’s one day lockout was seen as a massive failure, with Santa Cruz groups only able to temporarily close some areas in the upper class areas of the city as business was uninterrupted in working class neighborhoods. In the central area of Santa Cruz, where closures did take place, businesses reopened by early evening.

Residents and workers outside of the center guarded major intersections and the main areas of economic activity in rejection of the unpopular economic shutdown. In other parts of the country, business also carried on as usual, yet the leader of the Pro Santa Cruz Civic Committee is warning of new actions to come against the MAS government. 

Large-scale mobilizations, dubbed ‘wiphalazos’ will be taking place in all nine departments on Tuesday against the attack on the wiphala national symbol and in defense of President Luis Arce amid renewed destabilization attempts by the opposition.

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