Senate Approves National Census Law in Bolivia

Bolivia’s Senate approved this Tuesday a law calling for the national census, which had already received approval in the Congress

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Bolivia Human Rights Body Alerts of Para-State Violence Against Campesinos

The Permanent Assembly of Human Rights of Bolivia is alerting international human rights organizations of acts of violence and racism

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Cruceñista Roadblock Leaves Motorcyclist with Severe Injuries

A 26 year old motorcyclist was left with several severe injuries in the face and thorax after driving into a

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Bolivian Opposition Prepares Bosses Lockout On Monday

The civic committees of Bolivia’s largest cities—a coalition of corporate leaders, large landowners, and traditionally powerful families—have called for a

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Bolivian Opposition Asks Bolsonaro For Help Against ‘Human Rights Abuses’

Bolivia’s largest opposition group, the ‘Civic Committee Pro Santa Cruz’ has penned a formal letter asking for assistance from far-right Brazilian President

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