Cuba Ratifies Family Code

Cuba’s Código de las Familias (‘Families Code’) has been ratified by the population in Sunday’s referendum, receiving 66% of the ‘Yes’ vote according to preliminary figures reported by the Consejo Electoral Nacional (National Electoral Council – CEN).

The president of the CEN, Alina Balseiro Gutiérrez, reported that the Family Code was ratified by the Cuban people, providing preliminary results of the vote abroad and in Cuba.

She indicated that 6,251,786 voters went to the polls, representing 74.01% participation in the referendum. 8,447,467 voters were eligible to vote.

The ‘Yes’ option received 3,936,790 (66.87%) of the vote while the ‘No’ option received 1,950,090 (33.13%) of votes cast.

Meanwhile, Balseiro Gutiérrez affirmed that although the count remains pending in some constituencies of three provinces, the CEN validates these results as valid and irreversible. Final results will be announced later but the electoral authority has said that it can already be confirmed that the Family Code has been ratified.

You can find more on the Family Code at Belly of the Beast.

By Kawsachun News

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