Cuba’s Abdala Vaccine is 92% Effective

Clinical trials on Cuba’s vaccine candidate, Abdala, have demonstrated a 92.28% effectiveness rate in its three dose application, making it one of the world’s most effective vaccines against Covid-19. 

The news follows an announcement over the weekend by scientists of the Finlay Vaccine Institute, who reported an initial 62% efficacy of Cuba’s Soberana 02 vaccine.

The news was broken by journalist Leticia Martinez Hernandez who posted via Twitter, “The effectiveness with three doses of #Abdala is 92.28%. The scientist Marta Ayala has just informed President @DiazCanelB.”

Cuban President Miguel Diaz Canel also confirmed the news, stating that “In less than 48 hours, Cuban scientists have given our heroic people, who are resisting the criminal blockade exacerbated in a pandemic, two overwhelming results. In two days we will denounce the blockade to the world, counting on two of our own vaccines. #SomosCuba #CubaViva”

Diaz Canel added, “Hit by two pandemics (#COVID19 and #Blockade), our scientists from Finlay and CIGB, have surpassed all obstacles and have given us two very effective vaccines: #SOBERANA02 and #Abdala. I think of Martí, who wrote that it is not intelligence received casually that gives man honor, but the way he uses it and saves it. There is only one way to endure and that is to serve. Above all, I think of Fidel, who did so much for Science and Medicine at the service of Humanity. He said: Everyone who has a vocation for health, I invite you to study … There is a huge world that is in need of you.

The efficacy of Abdala places it above other vaccines such as Oxford/AstraZeneca which is 85-90% effective.  

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