Fujimori Supporters Intimidate Castillo VP Candidate When Voting

Dina Boluarte, Vice presidential candidate for Pedro Castillo on the Peru Libre party ticket, had to be escorted to her front door by security forces as supporters of Keiko Fujimori encircled the candidate as she left her voting center. 

TV news images captured the aggression against Boluarte in the Surquillo district of Lima. Spectators encircled the VP candidate, shouting verbal abuse and one threw an orange shirt at her, the uniform of the Keiko Fujimori campaign. Boluarte walked home with her hands up and was shielded from the baying mob by police who escorted her home. 

Once safe, Boluarte condemned the attacks, stating, “We condemn all violent acts, whether physical or verbal. I came peacefully to fulfill my patriotic duty and I have been a victim of these acts of vandalism that we reject and repudiate. From Peru Libre, we will always work peacefully and for the good of the country”

Vladimir Cerron, leader of Peru Libre, also rejected the acts of intimidation, commenting, “Our solidarity with Dina Boluarte, candidate for the Vice Presidency of the Republic for Peru Libre, attacked by Fujimori militants. We condemn these vile undemocratic attacks by those who do not believe in the power of ideas.”

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