How many have been killed by Peru’s coup regime?

State killings have increased in recent days as protests continue in Peru in the aftermath of the legislative coup against President Pedro Castillo who remains imprisoned.

Deaths of civilians have been confirmed by authorities in Apurímac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, La Libertad and Junín, among other regions. Diana Boluarte decreed a curfew in 15 provinces to crackdown on dissent and ramp up the use of repressive tactics.

Who are they and where did the 20 people die? Here’s a list as of Saturday morning, according to national media.

There are likely additional victims who have not been recorded on this list and the exact causes of death have in many cases been obscured by authorities and the media. In most cases, witnesses and human rights defenders have confirmed that the victims were killed by police. Additionally, La República reports that six other people were killed due to traffic accidents or events related to the protests. Hundreds have also been injured across the country.

11/12/22Andahuaylas, ApurímacBeckhan Romario Quispe Garfias18
11/12/22Andahuaylas, ApurímacD. A. Q.15
12/12/22Chincheros, ApurímacR. P. M. L.16
12/12/22Andahuaylas, ApurímacJohn Erick Enciso Arias18
12/12/22Andahuaylas, ApurímacWilfredo Lizarme Barbosa18
12/12/22ArequipaMiguel Arcana23
14/12/22Andahuaylas, ApurímacCristian Alex Rojas Vásquez19
14/12/22Virú, La LibertadCarlos Huamán Cabrera26
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoJosué Sañudo Quispe31
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoClemer Fabrizio Rojas García32
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoJhon Henry Mendoza Huarancca32
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoJosé Luis Aguilar Yucra20
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoLuis Miguel Urbano Sacsara22
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoEdgar Prado Arango51
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoRaúl García Gallo35
15/12/22Huamanga, AyacuchoC. M. R. A.15
16/12/22Pichanaqui, JunínJ.W.T.C.17
16/12/22JunínDiego Galindo Vizcarra45
16/12/22JunínRonaldo Fernando Barra Leyva22

By Kawsachun News with information from La República

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