Bolivia to Provide Evacuation Flights for Bolivians in Peru

The government of Bolivia will be providing flights to repatriate its citizens from Peru as necessary, as reported by the Vice Minister of Consular Management, Eva Chuquimia.

“In some cases, as long as we see that there aren’t adequate conditions [to remain there] and they are 100% vulnerable, we are going to enable the flight. It is open to enabling the flight on the Lima (Peru) – Viru Viru (Santa Cruz, Bolivia) route thanks to Boliviana de Aviación (BoA) which we have an agreement with,” she told state channel Bolivia TV.

Chuquimia reported that a flight allowed people to be transported from the tourist city of Cuzco to Lima on Saturday. “That has already allowed some citizens who could not get to Lima,” she said.

The authority noted that a consular plan, with its counterparts in Argentina and Chile, is in force to help citizens who’ve been affected by the political and social crisis that broke out in the neighboring country as a result of the December 7th coup against President Pedro Castillo.

According to the vice minister, 6,000 Bolivians live in Peru and 30 Bolivians have been assisted through the consulates and embassy in Peru as of December 18th, some of whom returned to Bolivia.

The situation is more complicated for truck drivers who may be stuck in isolated areas without contact due to the road blockades.

While the conflicts are ongoing, the vice minister suggested avoiding trips to Peru as a preventive measure.

By Kawsachun News with information from Periódico Ahora El Pueblo and ABI

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