LIST: Gabriel Boric’s New Cabinet in Full

This is the full list of cabinet appointments announced by Chile’s President-elect Gabriel Boric. Boric was the candidate of the Apruebo Dignidad left-leaning coalition which includes; Social Convergence, Communist Party of Chile, Communes and Democratic Revolution. While these parties will be represented in numerous ministries, many offices have been given to traditional parties of the center. 

Interior Ministry: Izkia Siches, Independent

Ministry of the Presidency: Giorgio Jackson, Democratic Revolution

Ministry of Government: Camila Vallejo, Communist Party of Chile

Treasury: Mario Marcel Cullell, Independent 

Ministry of Education: Mario Ávila, Democratic Revolution

Ministry of Women & Gender Equity: Antonia Orellana, Social Convergence

Ministry of Economy and Tourism: Nicolás Grau, Social Convergence

Ministry of Defense: Maya Fernández Allende, Socialist Party

Ministry of Justice and Human Rights: Marcela Ríos, Social Convergence

Ministry of Labor & Welfare: Jeanette Jara, Communist Party of Chile

Ministry of Social Development: Jeanette Vega, Party for Democracy

Ministry of Public Works: Juan Carlos García, Liberal Party 

Foreign Ministry: Antonia Urrejola, Independent

Ministry of Health: Begoña Yarza, Independent 

Minister of Housing & Urbanism: Carlos Montes, Socialist Party 

Ministry of Agriculture: Esteban Valenzuela, Regionalist Front/Social Greens 

Ministry of Mining: Marcela Hernando, Radical Party 

Ministry of Transport & Telecommunications: Juan Carlos Muñoz, Independent 

Ministry of National Assets: Javiera Toro, Comunes

Environment Ministry: Maisa Rojas, Independent

Ministry of Culture: Julieta Brodsky, Social Convergence

Ministry of Sport: Alexandra Benado, Independent

Ministry of Science and Technology: Flavio Andres Salazar, Communist Party of Chile 

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