Mexico to Nationalize its Lithium

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, stated today that he has already prepared a reform to the country’s Mining Law that would make Mexico’s lithium officially the property of the nation. This reform will be introduced if the ‘electrical reform’ is blocked by the opposition next Sunday.

President López Obrador said in his daily press conference,

“They are not going to put us against a wall. Lithium, which is coveted by both corporations and foreign governments, will belong to Mexico”, affirmed President López Obrador.

“Lithium is white gold and that’s why they are against reforming the Constitution”, he emphasized, adding; “this morning, I have just signed the initiative to reform the mining law, which doesn’t require two thirds. It’s a simple majority, so that lithium remains the property of the nation.”

The electrical reform is about taking back control of Mexico’s energy resources and distribution under the state-owned Federal Electricity Commission. The move has angered the US government as well as the EU because corporations from Spain are set to lose their dominant share in the market. 

Mexican journalist, Jose Luis Granados Ceja, explained the nature of the electrical reform in an interview with Kawsachun News; “Mexico is in the process of transforming and taking back control of its natural resources and having greater control in order to meet our own needs. Of course, Mexico will still sell to the international market, but what will change is that those who control it will be the state company PEMEX and the Federal Electricity Commission. Spanish corporations were brought in to do this by the last government with contracts that benefited the corporations but hurt Mexico. AMLO’s policy of rebuilding PEMEX and the Federal Electricity Commission has affected the interests of European capital and that’s what drawn this interventionism against Mexico.”

Mexico has been coordinating with other lithium-rich countries such as Bolivia and Argentina, to develop the resource while maintaining sovereignty over it.

By Kawsachun News

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