President Maduro: ‘Don’t be fooled by imperialist propaganda on Russia’

President of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, is calling on the world to not be fooled by the imperialist propaganda against Russia, referring to the latest events in the Dombass region and expressing his full support for the Russian Federation, President Vladimir Putin and its people.

The President urged attentiveness, stressing the importance of observing the evolution of events without being carried away by “imperialist songs, world campaigns and lies repeated a thousand times” in the media and online.

President Maduro called attention to the fact that “the North American empire and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) intend, through military means, to finish off and stop Russia, and finish off the multipolar world which is already a reality.”

The statements on Russia and Ukraine were made Tuesday evening, part way through a televised update on the Venezuelan National Health System, offered from the Miraflores Palace. The commentary spanned approximately forty minutes. President Maduro denounced that “the old colonialism of Europe and the new U.S. colonialism attacks Russia, China, Iran, threatens Turkey, Latin America , Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Venezuela (…) the old rapacious colonialism that represents NATO”.

He also asserted that the United States has been preparing a strategic policy “to surround, threaten and finish off Russia militarily” explaining that it’s nothing new.

“That is why Venezuela announces its full support for President Vladimir Putin in defense of peace in Russia, in defense of peace in that region, in the brave defense of his people and homeland.”

The President recalled that with the fall of the USSR, 30 years ago, the U.S. empire declared an early victory with aims of promoting a unipolar world. However, he says that all changed when Putin came to power.

“It was with the arrival of President Vladimir Putin, of the leadership of the United Russia, that Russia began to be placed in a new situation. Our commander Hugo Chávez understood it very well from the beginning and managed to forge a deep friendship, from the first day, with President Putin. It is the glorious and stellar history of the foreign policy of the Bolivarian Revolution, it has been like this, it is like this and it will be like this forever”, said the Head of State.

In contrast, President Maduro pointed out that NATO expansion to Ukraine has destabilized its economy: “Ukraine is governed almost as a colony, which has greatly harmed them because if anyone is suffering it’s the people of Ukraine. Their economy has been destroyed by Joe Biden and NATO.”

The original full broadcast can be watched here:

By Kawsachun News with information from Prensa Presidencial

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