President Maduro on Extremism in Brazil

President Nicolas Maduro comments on the Brazilian far-right plot at the annual message to the nation before the National Assembly of Venezuela. Below is a transcription of his remarks regarding Brazil, given on Thursday, January 12, 2023.

Today, we see an extremist right-wing, in Brazil they call it ‘Bolsonarista’. Here it was called ‘Guaidosista’ until a few days ago. Call it whatever you want to call the far-right.

That far-right, ambassadors, had a source from which drank; from which all the far-right, that has broken the rules of the game of democracy, was fed by the extremist and coup-plotting right-wing that emerged in Venezuela in those years. Ideological extremism, political extremism, hatred, intolerance as a political practice, the breaking of the rules of the game and coup d’état in all its expressions, in all its forms, which can even reach foreign interventionism, as has happened in Venezuela at some point.

It was in Venezuela that the first revolution of the 21st century arose, the first popular revolution.

But it was in Venezuela that the coup counterrevolution and the extremist right-wing emerged, which has contaminated and poisoned the entire right-wing of Latin America and the Caribbean.

The guarimbas 2014, the guarimbas 2017, 120 days of violence, insurrection. If Brazil had to experience three hours of neo-fascist insurrection, we had to live through 120 days of neo-fascist insurrection financed by the Gringo Empire, led by the far-right of Venezuela.

And we handled it constitutionally, patiently, democratically. And when we saw that they wanted to take us to a civil war, as they also want to take Brazil, we said there is only one way out. The only way out was to call for the vote of the people, to call for a National Constituent Assembly for peace, for reconciliation with the people.

By Kawsachun News

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