President Maduro: U.S. Applies Same Method of Asphyxiation in Cuba

President of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro has expressed Venezuela’s steadfast support for the revolutionary people and government of Cuba.

“From Venezuela, in good times and bad, always brothers, Cuba will move forward with the unity and the humanitarian conscience of its heroic people,” said the Venezuelan President who spoke by phone to Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel on Sunday.

President Maduro’s remarks came at the end of a meeting with the Commission for Dialogue, Peace and Reconciliation of the National Assembly, at the Miraflores Palace. 

He reflected on Washington’s prolonged blockade on Cuba, saying ending the blockade is the only solution; “They’ve applied the same method of asphyxiation, of persecution. Now the U.S. Empire is coming out and talking nonsense. If the United States and the extremist opponents, really want to help the Cuban people, they should immediately lift all sanctions and the blockade against the Cuban people”.

The same template which is being used to try to destabilize Cuba has recently been used against Venezuela, through economic and financial sanctions, and with support from the doomsayers of disaster represented by the mainstream media which disseminate a constant narrative of a country in crisis, without attributing problems, such as shortages, to the illegal blockade. 

The media has consistently worked to double down on the key messages of U.S. State Department campaigns targeting Venezuela throughout the Trump administration, a partnership which continues now under the Biden administration.

President Maduro said outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post, Colombia’s Semana and other outlets foretold of ‘humanitarian crisis’ in 2019, and in 2020, sought to induce international concern with suggestions that Venezuela would be the world epicenter of the coronavirus.

Not only were the predictions wrong; the epicenters of coronavirus outbreaks were in places including the United States, Brazil and the UK, none of which were threatened with foreign humanitarian intervention despite their failure to respond to the outbreaks.

Prior to the that, Venezuela became the subject of international news headlines in 2014 and 2017 during the guarimbas, when U.S. paid political actors staged photo-op protests for the international networks and unleashed violence in the streets of Caracas in an attempt to destabilize the country and call for foreign intervention and the PSUV government’s ouster.

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