President Maduro Will Dialogue in Mexico On These 3 Conditions

President Nicolas Maduro will agree to hold a new dialogue process with all Venezuelan political sectors in Mexico, accompanied by the governments of Mexico and Norway on three essential conditions.

“One; that the United States of America and the European Union lift all sanctions on Venezuela. Two, that all political sectors, upon sitting down, recognize the validity and functioning of the public powers and the constitutionality of the country and its legitimate authorities. And three; that all sectors renounce violent plans with criminals, coups d’état, assassinations and other means of violence”, stated the President, “and if I could add one more: to incorporate all political sectors that wanted to be incorporated in one great flourishing, plural [dialogue] table of peace.”

Speaking during a Monday evening meeting with the National Assembly Special Commission for Dialogue, Peace and National Reconciliation, President Maduro also denounced that certain opposition actors are disguised as “democrats and dialoguers while down below they have the knife to kill.” 

“What we don’t agree with, is that some people say that they want to participate in the dialogue and are preparing coups, financing crime, terrorist attacks and are planning assassinations of leaders of our country.”

President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodriguez, will be presenting new evidence before the media today, revealing the links of far-right fugitive Leopoldo Lopez and other extremists working with Juan Guaido, to new violent plans in Venezuela which target President Nicolas Maduro.

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