Bolivia Begins Extradition Process for Coup Fugitives in Brazil

The extradition process of former Minister of Defense, Fernando López Julio, and the former Police General, Yuri Calderón, both of

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Bolivia Seeks Extradition of Fernando Lopez from Brazil

The extradition of former defacto Minister of Defense, Fernando Lopez, is being sought by Bolivia for his role in the

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Ecuador Loaned Tear Gas & Ammo for Añez’s Coup

Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno administration aided in the crimes against humanity carried out by the coup regime of Jeanine Añez in

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Raids Uncover New Evidence of Añez Corruption Mafia

Ten raids carried out in three Bolivian departments have resulted in the seizure of new evidence in the investigation around

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Corrupt Añez Functionary Arrested in U.S. Bribes Case

Bolivia’s former coup regime, including fugitives of Bolivian justice, are now at the center of a United States federal case

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